The History of Grace Baptist Church


          A historian records pertinent facts known to be useful in presentation of his subject. He is conscious that there is more to know, and that his scope of coverage is incomplete. As chairman of the history committee elected in church conference, because the other members of the committee became ill, moved away, or died, the task typically fell upon the chairman. Hence I, a charter, founding member, author of many of the early written documents of the church, have unstintingly applied myself and am thrilled to turn out this history. Here I tried to apply my accumulated training and many years of practical experiences in Baptist pastorates.

Rev. Maurice Thomas


          Tribute and appreciation is due Rebecca Miller, who assisted with construction and typing of the manuscript; Tina Simon, who has likewise assisted ; Mary Chambers and Jane Higginbotham for providing minutes and suggestions, and my original committee members for accumulating photos, and other material to be used for illustrations in the story of Grace Baptist Church; and Tony Presley for editing the History for publication on the website.

          Inspiration, numerous constructive suggestions and editorial assistance during production of this story has come from my dear, patient wife Anne.


          The historian relied on clerk’s minutes of regular and called conferences for materials included in this present history. Many events and decisions were made that were not formally recorded in minutes of conferences. An effort was made by the historian to include such material when it could be authenticated as to time and significance. Therefore some historical facts will be related here that are not in the body of this history. No attempt at a chronological order of these facts in the addendum will be made.

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